orderLogical, LLC, formerly Mark Hayward Computer Associates, specializes in applying strategic business insight to all aspects of custom application software development and COTS integration, to reduce risk and improve ROI for clients.  We also undertake the business strategy, process design and other management consulting tasks that lay the proper foundation for that work.

Our expertise has helped customers in healthcare, automotive, insurance, marketing, securities, retail, transport, agriculture, legal, other industries and government succeed with custom applications and COTS integration spanning clinical, finance, supply-chain, manufacturing, e-commerce, EDI, knowledge management and marketing domains among others.

We are committed to giving the same careful attention to all of our clients regardless of project size.  Consequently, our small customers often become very large ones.  We have undertaken projects from tens of thousands to many millions of dollars in value.

We are based in New Jersey, U.S.A.  Since 1987, we have built an impressive client roster that has evolved over the years from staff augmentation to also undetaking major projects.

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